About Us

The Echo Location is a small, family owned business. Our goal is to provide you with quality gifts at a reasonable price. Everything that we sell is handmade here in our NE Texas home.

We know how busy life can be sometimes. With The Echo Location you can get a handmade gift delivered right to your door. There is no need to fight the crowds in stores just to get an assembly line item, when you can have a custom designed original from us!

We like to involve the whole family in the business, from concept to design to development. All of our children are encouraged to come up with ideas and work on bringing those ideas to life. Don't worry though, there is always an adult on hand to lend guidance and keep them safe!

We try to offer a wide variety of gifts and are adding new things each week. Check back often and be sure to tell your friends about us!

What's New

Right now, everything's new!

As we add new items, we'll put a link here so that it's easy for our returning customer to see what has recently been added. Remember to check back often!